Snow Effects

We have three different types of ground cover snow effects on offer all year round - perfect for that special event, photo shoot, snow dome or shop window.

Dry Snow

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Dry Snow is a dense recycled shredded plastic. It looks like snow and being dry, it can be walked on (leaving footprints) or piled into drifts.

Our Dry Snow is made of recycled high-density polyethylene and is sold in cartons of 10 kilograms. One 10kg carton will lightly cover approximately ten square metres. Dry Snow looks like snow on the ground, can be piled into snowdrifts and you can even walk on it leaving footprints.

The ‘snowflakes‘ are safe, non-static, non slippery and dense enough not to move everywhere like polystyrene balls do. Dry Snow is easily removed afterwards by using a vacuum or sweeping it up and used again.

Please note that care should be taken when using this effect on certain pile carpets – testing prior to use is recommended and samples are available upon request. SnowMasters Australia is not responsible for any clean up or removal of Dry Snow.

View Safety Data Sheet.

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