Snow Effects

We have three different types of ground cover snow effects on offer all year round - perfect for that special event, photo shoot, snow dome or shop window.

Faux Snow

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Faux Snow is an absorbent polymer that creates the most realistic ground cover snow effect in the world. Water is added to the powder and the ‘snow‘ will grow 100 times it original size.

Sold in bags of 450 grams, each bag will make up to 30 litres of “snow” or the equivalent of approximately two square metres of snow at 2cm thick. This snow can be moulded as required and you can even have snowball fights!

Faux Snow is biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Please note this is a water based product and therefore can be slippery – caution should be used to avoid placing Faux Snow on areas where people may be walking, and all the product should be removed completely after use. SnowMasters Australia is not responsible for any clean up or removal of snow products.

View Safety Data Sheet, FAQs and Mixing Instructions.

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