Snow Effects

We have three different types of ground cover snow effects on offer all year round - perfect for that special event, photo shoot, snow dome or shop window.

Theatre Snow

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Theatre Snow is made from a recycled shredded plastic and which is lighter and fluffier than Dry Snow which allows it to float gracefully and stay in Christmas trees.

Theatre Snow is made from recycled high-density polyethylene with “snowflakes” that are lighter and fluffier than our Dry Snow. This “snow” floats like a dream and is used in theatres, snow domes and for retail shop window displays.

Theatre Snow is packed tightly and sold in cartons of 11 kilograms. One box can cover an area of 3 metres X 3 metres by 7cm high. Theatre Snow is easily removed afterwards by using a vacuum or by sweeping it up and storing it for re-use.

Please note, Snowmasters Australia is not responsible for any clean up or removal of snow products.

View Safety Data Sheet.

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